reblogged that gif again because it didnt work

but also, i left that ending message because i hoped to maybe one day pick this up again. i just couldnt at the time and still cant. its really not looking like i will be able to again…

Today I got diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. im doubting i can continue this as I feared (not that i put that much effort in to it! ha)

but nothings for sure! thank you to everyone in advance for your well wishes!

Lady Gaga Born This Way Ball 2012 Best View FULL HD

And now it seems we’re here, although The Fame/The Fame Monster eras I’ve barely scratched the surface, I’m going to have to say goodbye to this blog. I just don’t have the time anymore.

Oct 31 Ya, I wrote that a few weeks ago, but I’ve decided I’ll be more honest. So I’m making this edit.

I’ve got medical problems right now and they really make it difficult to keep up with running this blog. I’ve been given a worst case scenario and its pretty much life-over, although not death apparently. I’ll be getting more tests by the time this posts. I think the queue lasts for more than a month from now. Hopefully I’ll be able to just delete this whole message since I’ll have good news.

Not gonna delete it, maybe one day I’ll pick it back up again.


Love you all!.

Stay strong and be free.



And remember

The path to equality is NOT by taking away other people’s rights and privileges that you feel have more than you.

Achieve equality by lifting people up, not pulling people down.


Bye for now! :)

Lady GaGa Live at The Chapel Australia - Poker Face


Kids (MGMT) / Pokerface


Lady Gaga Pees Herself On Stage

That time she got lifted out of a fountain and the internet concluded she peed herself.

Perez and Gaga were friends back then too!

55,471 plays Just Dance (Acoustic) Lady GaGa The Fame

Just dance..gonna be okay.. down on the floor, just dance.. spin that record babe..been here before so just dance, when i scream your name and you don’t call…just dance…